PRESS RELEASE: Startup Merger Shocks #DCTech Community

The Hinge team is thrilled to announce the start of a very special relationship. Here’s to new beginnings!


Washington, DC – April 1, 2013 – Event seating is about to get sexy. Earlier today, representatives for local startups Hinge and Social Tables announced a surprising company merger. Although not finalized, it is reported that the new company will be called “Sexy Tables” and will officially launch by mid-June of this year.

Dan Berger, current CEO of Social Tables, has always been excessively forthcoming about how the idea for Social Tables came to him while trying to get tail at a wedding. Recently, at a hastily organized press conference outside one of DC’s most favored date spots, Rumors, Berger was heard shouting, “Imagine the possibilities! I can now help event professionals organize, and get laid in the process!”

The new product will reportedly combine Hinge’s unique style of friend-of-friend dating with event seating software, to strategically seat compatible, single guests next to each other. “Sexy Tables is going to help sexy people get laid at any event,” summarized Berger. “It’s that simple.”

The future CEO of Sexy Tables will be determined via a one-on-one musical chair competition between current Social Tables and Hinge CEOs, Dan Berger and Justin McLeod. “We considered an arm wrestling match,” said McLeod, “but agreed something involving seating seemed more apropo.”

Sexy Tables has secured 100k in seed funding from The Barry White foundation, as well as 50k from Purple Rain Ventures and private investor, Charlie Sheen. The projected new product plans and brand designs have been released and are featured below, but for full details on the planned merger, please contact press representatives for both companies.

Media Contact:

Patty O’Furniture

Nick Oftime

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