The ThursDater: omg. bbq.

All glory to the charcoal gods! It’s almost BBQ season, and Memorial Day is cookout Christmas. Guys who can barely prepare a turkey sandwich during the colder months quickly morph into Bobby Flay protégés, and every girl is suddenly elbowing to be named queen of quirky summer salads. For which, by the way, we have a creative limit — kale, watermelon and boiled peanuts are never going to happen, regardless of what you saw on Pinterest. Let it go.

But otherwise, Memorial Day weekend really is the best. The weather is warm, backyard cookouts are awesome, and the air is ripe with the potential for courtship. So while visions of scarfing BBQ and slamming back Sam Summer with a new companion fill your head, allow us to fill your social calendar!

Hinge is throwing the inaugural Memorial Day BBQ Extravaganza that will shame all other Memorial Day parties, and you need to be there. This is some primo fun we’re talking about. We mean business when we throw down (ahem, our launch party), so follow our advice and you will experience the stuff that BBQ dreams are made of.

First step? Look sharp– your ensemble could be the perfect conversation starter. Gents, we expect you to don your patriotic best. May we suggest that little sleeveless number you bought last year, but never wore? You know the one– it’s probably got an eagle on it. With fireworks for eyes. And also it’s clutching a stuffed-crust pizza and a Bud Heavy tall boy as it soars over a Bass Pro Shop, where only Ford F150s are parked in the parking lot. Just something that gently illustrates the true vision of our founding fathers.

Ladies, the look is simple: barbe-cute. (Ya like that?) We know you’re fully capable of putting together a great outfit, so let your hunger for fashion take the reins. Also your actual hunger. Perhaps a simple sundress with a classic “rack-of-ribs” print. Or if you’re more into accessories, any of these beautiful baubles should do nicely:

Games? Got ’em. Challenge a cute fellow guest to a round of cornhole. A scientist told us that a little competition is highly conducive to romantic chemistry, so you should listen to him and get out there. Plus, we’ll be astroturfing the entire rooftop of Jack Rose (seriously), so you’ll have a plush carpet of plastic grass beneath you as the sparks (and beanbags) begin to fly.

And FYI, that same scientist also told us that astroturf can enhance tossing form, thereby increasing your wins tenfold. And everyone loves a winner. Everyone.

We’ve got more than a week until the festivities, but we’re already experiencing early symptoms of being super stoked. We can already smell the tangy sweetness of the sauced-up brisket sliders we’ll be serving (among other ridiculously tasty things). We can already hear the soft, drunken chants of “U-S-A!” rising into the sunset over Adam’s Morgan. And most importantly, we’re already getting chills from the sparkling chemistry of all the Hinge matches meeting in person for the first time.

So if only the most insanely delightful of celebrations will suit you, get your ticket now, before they sell out! Start your party-prep according to our high-class advice. Play Hinge before the party so you can see who else is going, and maybe even end up as one of those matches with the sparkling chemistry we just mentioned.

In the words of the late, great Miley Cyrus, let’s party in the USA. See you on the roof!

Hingesights: Top 12 Hottest Colleges

We measure “hot” in college degrees.

Many may claim their alma mater is the nation’s biggest party school. Or maybe it has the most splendidly picturesque campus of all the campuses. But when it gets down to it, we know what you really want to know: who’s got the hottest people?

Remember when we showed you DC’s Hottest Workforces? Well, we’re back to the old grind, doing more pivotal research at Hinge Headquarters. Go ahead and let Playboy and Esquire say what they want– we did the legit, nerd-powered number crunching, and have proof that’s straight from the mouths of the people! You people, specifically.

We’ve compiled a list of the colleges and universities with the most highly appealing alumni in DC, according to your interest levels on Hinge. Want to see if your alma mater made the list? Check it:

The top 12, overall:

So first and foremost, Georgia has some hot dawgs living the district (see what we did there?) so props to all you peachy people. The fierce rivalry between Duke and Carolina continues with their DC crop of alumni– and apparently the Blue Devils have taken the lead over the Tar Heels in terms of sex-appeal.

Note: our copywriter is a Carolina fan and is not pleased with this statistic, but begrudgingly published it anyway.
Of the schools that made the lists, 67% are located below the Mason Dixon Line. Maybe the mild weather left a bit of its sunny vibrance with those who drank it in (amongst other things) for four years. Or maybe the harsh northern winters just… uhh… anyway, whatever the reason, the south did indeed rise again in DC. With their hotness. Not, like, another civil war or anything. Ahhh, okay. This got kinda weird. Moving on.


Soooo, how about Dickinson with that wild card, huh? Ranking at #3 for the ladies, amongst a smattering of southern-belle sorority schools, and #2 overall. Who knew that a tiny liberal arts college in “scenic” Carlisle, PA was churning out so many hunks and babes? We, for one, always appreciate an underdog victory. Well done, Red Devils.

And let’s forget what they say about nice guys– smart guys clearly finish first. There’s a strong repping of Ivy League U’s on the men’s list. Which, of course has nothing to do with their super valuable degrees and probably-awesome jobs, we’re sure. Although, Harvard is conspicuously missing. Maybe they’re all hidden away behind laptop screens, trying to become the next M. Zucks. It’s clearly a worthy cause… we heard he’s actually friends with Justin Timberlake in real life. And that makes you hot by proxy.

Anyway, hottie alums of the top-ranked schools: reinvigorate your school spirit! Go ahead and brag, you’re part of an elite network of desirable go-getters living in our nation’s capital.

And even if your school didn’t make the cut, there’s plenty of greatness to reflect on today. Let’s all take a moment to raise a can of (possibly skunked) Busch Light, and fondly reminisce the most intellectual, ragetastic, sexually adventurous, penniless, and brutally hungover four years of our lives. Amen.

Hinge is a free dating app that introduces you to your friends’ single friends. They launched February 7th exclusively in DC, and have more than 10,000 monthly active users. Hinge is available for iPhone and Android. Check them out at

The ThursDater: Math.

You’ve probably heard us mention a couple (million) times that the more friends you have on Hinge, the better your potentials and the more plentiful your matches. And yesterday we released an update with a brand-new feature that will bestow glory upon you for getting friends to join. But you know what? Talk is cheap, and you deserve far classier proof.

So speaking of a proof, nothing confirms you know what you’re talking about better than some sound math. (Amirite nerds?) Check it:

1 friend on Hinge = 3x more matches than 0 friends.
4 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 1 friend.
12 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 4 friends.

Our Hingeoreum Theorum proves that the more friends you have on Hinge, the more potential matches you’ll get. But you don’t have to take our nerds’ words for it. We’ll put it into a real-life analogy, which is basically our sexy version of a word problem… where we also give you the answer. It’s kind of like having the Teacher’s Edition to Hinge. We’ll call it “party math.”

Let’s say you roll solo to a cocktail party where you don’t know anyone. Some people are naturally bold and mingly in these situations, but a solid number of us would appreciate a couple G&T’s to the face before approaching a cute stranger alone. And others of us you could find spooning the hors d’oeuvres table, quietly slipping into food comas as an empty tray of pigs-in-a-blanket clatters to the floor. But whatever, we digress.

Back to the party. Now, imagine you arrive and a friend is there who knows a few of the guests. Instant introduction, instant background check on new acquaintances, and instant convo starter. Now try walking in and getting four high-fives from people you know. Yep, all their friends now want high-fives from you too. Twelve familiar faces? Suddenly you’re a bonafide socialite; the “it” guest at the party. You’ll be leaving this shindig with your phone a-brimming with the digits of cool new friends of friends, and your schedule chock full ‘o great dates.

The more friends you have at a party (and on Hinge), the more people are able to connect you to great people they know. More options, more introductions, more potential dates.

So now that we’ve used the power of party math to illustrate how essential your friends are to your Hinge success, we’d like to remind you of the great news we mentioned earlier: we have an awesome app update (2.1) ready to download. So get yourself that update right quick, and start recruiting your party crew!