Hingesights: Top 12 Hottest Colleges

We measure “hot” in college degrees.

Many may claim their alma mater is the nation’s biggest party school. Or maybe it has the most splendidly picturesque campus of all the campuses. But when it gets down to it, we know what you really want to know: who’s got the hottest people?

Remember when we showed you DC’s Hottest Workforces? Well, we’re back to the old grind, doing more pivotal research at Hinge Headquarters. Go ahead and let Playboy and Esquire say what they want– we did the legit, nerd-powered number crunching, and have proof that’s straight from the mouths of the people! You people, specifically.

We’ve compiled a list of the colleges and universities with the most highly appealing alumni in DC, according to your interest levels on Hinge. Want to see if your alma mater made the list? Check it:

The top 12, overall:

So first and foremost, Georgia has some hot dawgs living the district (see what we did there?) so props to all you peachy people. The fierce rivalry between Duke and Carolina continues with their DC crop of alumni– and apparently the Blue Devils have taken the lead over the Tar Heels in terms of sex-appeal.

Note: our copywriter is a Carolina fan and is not pleased with this statistic, but begrudgingly published it anyway.
Of the schools that made the lists, 67% are located below the Mason Dixon Line. Maybe the mild weather left a bit of its sunny vibrance with those who drank it in (amongst other things) for four years. Or maybe the harsh northern winters just… uhh… anyway, whatever the reason, the south did indeed rise again in DC. With their hotness. Not, like, another civil war or anything. Ahhh, okay. This got kinda weird. Moving on.


Soooo, how about Dickinson with that wild card, huh? Ranking at #3 for the ladies, amongst a smattering of southern-belle sorority schools, and #2 overall. Who knew that a tiny liberal arts college in “scenic” Carlisle, PA was churning out so many hunks and babes? We, for one, always appreciate an underdog victory. Well done, Red Devils.

And let’s forget what they say about nice guys– smart guys clearly finish first. There’s a strong repping of Ivy League U’s on the men’s list. Which, of course has nothing to do with their super valuable degrees and probably-awesome jobs, we’re sure. Although, Harvard is conspicuously missing. Maybe they’re all hidden away behind laptop screens, trying to become the next M. Zucks. It’s clearly a worthy cause… we heard he’s actually friends with Justin Timberlake in real life. And that makes you hot by proxy.

Anyway, hottie alums of the top-ranked schools: reinvigorate your school spirit! Go ahead and brag, you’re part of an elite network of desirable go-getters living in our nation’s capital.

And even if your school didn’t make the cut, there’s plenty of greatness to reflect on today. Let’s all take a moment to raise a can of (possibly skunked) Busch Light, and fondly reminisce the most intellectual, ragetastic, sexually adventurous, penniless, and brutally hungover four years of our lives. Amen.

Hinge is a free dating app that introduces you to your friends’ single friends. They launched February 7th exclusively in DC, and have more than 10,000 monthly active users. Hinge is available for iPhone and Android. Check them out at http://hinge.co

Hingesights: Guys vs. Girls!

Let the battle of the sexes begin! Our nerds have been at it again, and it turns out guys and girls do not play Hinge the same way. Ladder theorists and evolutionary biologists step aside – Hinge is here to shed a little light on the great mysteries of courtship.

Who makes the cut?
It’s common knowledge that girls are pickier than guys. If you want proof, we suggest taking a girl and a guy to a restaurant, and see which one asks to completely restructure their salad. The big question is, how much pickier is the fairer sex? All in all, girls favorite only 16% of their daily potential matches. Remember, ladies– you don’t have to hoard your favorites. They’re unlimited. It doesn’t mean the guy is your soulmate, just that you’d be open to starting a conversation.

On the other side, guys favorite a solid 34% of their daily potentials. Chivalry, perhaps? Equal opportunity daters? Maybe it’s video game tendencies, and their thumbs just instinctively favorite girls because of the relative location of the buttons on an X-Box controller.

Whatever the reason, our data confirms that girls are pretty darn choosy with their potential dates, and guys are a bit more “open-minded.” Or whatever word you’d like to use there.

The Clooney Effect
Another trend we noticed is that as age increases, the likelihood of favoriting potentials slightly increases for women, but actually decreases for men. Are men just losing their motivation, or are they suddenly slammed with dating options as they enter their Clooney years? Either way, we’re certainly glad to see women pursuing a solid dating life, regardless of age. Get it, girls.

Our closing takeaways? Both sides need to keep saving favorites! It’s good for you, regardless of where you are on the ladder of life. And ladies of Hinge: live a little! You never know– your next spontaneous favorite could be your next great date.

Hingesights: Hottest Workforces in DC

Why does everyone in DC always ask where you work when they meet you? Depending on your place of business, there’s a good chance it’s to scope out dates with your coworkers. Hinge users have accumulated more than one million ratings, so we had our nerds sift through all the data to see which local workplaces had the most attractive employees by average Hinge rating. Check out our breakdown below.

Did your company make the cut? Share with your work friends. Brag to your other friends. Make out on your coffee break.

According to our extensive research, it seems DC exhibits generally high levels of office crushes on consultants and Hill employees, but the most potent levels appear around fitness gurus:


Surprisingly, Washington men who work with/around large shares of money seem to be considered most attractive…


And although women who work in medicine and education seem to be highly sought-after, they can’t compete with the matrimonially-crazed; DC’s wedding mafia takes first place:

By Gender Female

So the Senate is hotter than the House, and Vida Fitness seems to exclusively hire supermodels to train their members. But why are Senate women ranked 4th, and Senate men didn’t even get honorable mention? Why are other gyms’ employees so incomparable to Vida, the bastion of super-hotties… did they import the Brazilian beach volleyball team? The world may never know. Do you have any insights, rumors, conspiracy theories or other musings? Do you think your company is the ultimate business casual crush-fest and should have made the list? Let us know in the comments.


Hinge is a dating app that introduces you to your friends’ single friends. They launched February 7th exclusively in DC, and have almost 10,000 users so far. Hinge is available for iPhone and is coming for Android in early April. Check them out at http://hinge.co