The ThursDater: Mobilize Your Dates

Hopefully you know this by now, but Hinge is a mobile app. If you’re like us, you’re feeling pretty mobile at every waking moment. Possibly even at not waking moments– like when you fall asleep every night to the fading light of your LED screen next to your pillow.


And because so many of you are mobile-loving urbanites who are constantly in transit during your active hours, we’ve thought of something for you: how about having mobile dates? Not only will you get props for creativity, but you’ll also mask your crippling smartphone addiction with scenic distractions.

But choose your outlet wisely, fool!




Haunted walking tours. You can hold hands if you get scared of the ghosts! And bonus: there’s safety in numbers when you wander past abandoned buildings that are probably crawling with crackheads, in the dark of night.

HEADsegwaySegway tours. If you have to ask, “why not?” you shouldn’t be allowed to suggest dates.

HEADcarriageCarriage Rides. A romantic, sentimental nod to ye olde days of your city, when the gents still wore top hats, the ladies still curtsied, and homeless orphans robbed you blind while you debated buying a satchel of parsnips.

HEADbusOpen-air bus rides. Your 19-year-old tour guide will attempt to point out significant historical sites, like the city’s original town hall (which is now a Chipotle), as well as which restaurant Ryan Gosling chose for brunch when he was in town a few months ago. Also perfect for when you feel like simultaneously having bus exhaust sift gently over your face, and zero control over pigeons crapping in your hair.

HEADcruiseBooze cruises. Remember how cool this was when you were home from college in the summer? Relive those glory days and climb aboard. Invite your date to join you in polishing off a flask of Sailor Jerry, and then talk about how your respective study abroad experiences changed your life until a makeout is imminent. Extra points if the cruise is Pirate themed.

HEADduckDuck Tours. While these (unfortunately) happen in many cities, they’re a particular breed of nonsense in Boston. Your exotic voyage will begin with traveling 12 miles an hour down a busy road, while angry locals lay on their horn as long as they feel is appropriately offensive. Then, your crude, amphibious vessel will enter the waters of Boston Harbor, while your guide (a 68 year-old former scrod fisherman from the Cape, who recently lost his pension) hoarsely shouts out regional landmarks and bad puns through a crackly microphone.

Also note: you’ll be crammed against droves of midwestern tourists (and their rowdy, screaming children), who will be taking pictures of floating garbage and wondering aloud if every single building you pass by is Harvard.


So, those ideas should get you started off on the right foot, but be creative! And if you prefer to stay indoors, chewing a meal together over a conversation where your eyes glaze over every time one of your phones buzz, that’s cool too. Even though there isn’t THAT much time left in the summer and soon the icy death winds of cruel Father Winter will be choking the life out of your awesome tan/ the warm glow of summer that’s currently smiling upon you. But sure, stay inside.


In any case, just make sure you play Hinge to find your date. Because regardless of your choice of activity, everything is infinitely more fun when you’re on a date with someone awesome you met through your friends.



The ThursDater: First Dates for Foodies

Hello, hungry people of Hinge! We like eating (almost) as much as we like great dates, so we brought in a pro to help you strategize your first food-focused romantic encounter! This week’s ThursDater is guest written by Lindsey Becker of The Date Dish. But we added the GIFs (obviously).

Congratulations! You scored your first date with an amazing match on Hinge! You’re thrilled, excited, already worried about what you’re going to wear, but the real question has yet to be answered: what are you going to do on your first date? We’ve all gotten to a point where going to restaurant after restaurant can wreak havoc on the spontaneity of dating.  You never know which place to go, it’s expensive, and bad service can absolutely ruin your night (“It’s not like we NEED bread, but I mean.. if it WAS here…”)

liz-lemon-eatingAnyway, for a first date, you want to make something that’s simple, looks great on a plate (no casseroles!) and is hard to screw up. Let’s face it, no matter how great of a cook you are, you’re going to be worrying about getting ready, making sure the apartment is clean, and texting your friends for advice until the minute he or she arrives. Keep it simple and quick for a first date so you can focus on having a good time with your hot new date.swedishchef

For this delightful little evening, I would recommend The Date Dish’s Chicken Milanese, which is a fancy Italian name for sexy fried chicken.  It takes all of 15 minutes, is budget-friendly, and pleases any palate. Crispy chicken cutlets topped with a fresh arugula salad and shaved Parmesan is a perfect date dish for a summer dinner.  Recipe and video are below.

OK, so we’ve got the first date down. But what if you’ve already been out on a few of dates, but still want to wow your new catch in the kitchen?  Well, I look at food in two categories, pre-date and post-date. Sometimes cooking post-date can be the best thing in the world for taking your relationship to the next level.  And by next level, I’m talking breakfast in bed– there is nothing more satisfying. Actually, of course there is, but today’s topic is food. So let’s get our minds out of the gutter and cook, shall we?

You want to make a dish that doesn’t make it look like you’re trying too hard but still says loud and clear that  you know what you’re doing.  So, we’re back to the morning after. An absolutely delicious brunch dish that everyone goes crazy over is my strawberry stuffed French toast with mascarpone cheese (basically Italian cream cheese).  Known as an aphrodisiac since the times of ancient Rome, the strawberry is the perfect fruit to feature in French toast.  It’s also in season right now! Lucky you and your date.  One bite of this and you may be staying for a while. (Recipe below!)

If you do in fact go out to dinner, please feel free to follow my Do’s and Don’ts below.



  • Order the most expensive thing on the menu. Wait until the 4th or 5th date to get a sense of their budget before you go for the lobster and truffles.
  • Whip out your iPhone or camera to take pictures of the plated food. You don’t want to be “that girl” on the first date.


  • Let them choose the restaurant for the first date. If you come back with a better recommendation it might seriously deflate their self-confidence.
  • Offer to split the bill. Your date will almost always insist on treating you.  If they suggest splitting it on the first date, run away fast– they can only get cheaper from there.
  • Order an appetizer if they order one.  You will always want to have the same number of courses.  It is simply awkward if one person is eating while the other is just watching them.

Gentlemen: Do NOT…

  • Order a pricey entree without expecting your date to do the same. You will be guiding the menu decisions so make sure you’re comfortable with the bill.
  • Take home leftovers.  I don’t care how good your meal was, all asking for a to-go box does is make you look like a cheapo.


  • Suggest a restaurant.  If you are unsure about your date’s tastes, offer two selections and let them choose one.
  • Leave a good tip

Now, on to the recipes! Chicken Milanese


(original recipe post here)


2 eggs, beaten

1 cup panko bread crumbs

1 teaspoon each dried basil, oregano and thyme

2 (6 to 8-ounce) boneless and skinless chicken breasts, tenderloins removed

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/4 cup canola oil

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

2 cups lightly packed arugula

2 oz. fresh Parmesan


  1. Using 3 wide shallow bowls, add the flour to one, the eggs to another and the panko bread crumbs to the third. Stir the dried herbs into the panko until evenly dispersed.
  2. Line a large cutting board with plastic wrap.  Place 2 chicken breasts on plastic wrap, a couple inches apart. Place another sheet of plastic wrap over the chicken. Using the flat side of a meat mallet, gently flatten the chicken to 1/4-inch thick. Remove top plastic wrap and sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides. Dredge the chicken pieces in the flour to coat lightly, and then dip into the beaten eggs, allowing the excess egg to drip off. Coat the chicken with the bread crumb mixture, pressing gently to adhere.
  3. Heat 1/4 cup of canola oil in a heavy large frying pan over medium heat. Place 1 chicken breast in the pan and cook until golden and crisp and just cooked through in the middle, about 2 minutes per side. Transfer to a paper towel lined cooling rack set on a baking sheet and lightly tent with foil to keep warm. Repeat with the remaining chicken breast.
  4. Whisk the lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil together to blend, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.  Drizzle over the arugula and toss lightly to coat. Transfer the chicken to plates. Top with the salad and then shave fresh parmesan over the dish.  Garnish with a lemon wedge.

*Note: You can usually purchase chicken breasts that are already pounded out to 1/4 inch thick at your local grocery store.

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast frenchtoast

(original recipe post here)


1 egg

1/4 cup milk

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. granulated sugar

4 ounces mascarpone cheese

1/2 of a day-old baguette, sliced diagonally into 1.5″ thick pieces

1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced thinly

Butter, for cooking

Sliced almonds

Maple syrup, for serving


  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the egg, milk, vanilla extract, and granulated sugar.  Set aside in shallow square pan.
  2. Take each baguette piece and make a small slit on the side of each slice to make a deep pocket for stuffing.
  3. Spread the mascarpone cheese inside the pocket and stuff with strawberry slices. Press to close and seal.
  4. Melt butter on a griddle over medium-low heat. Dip the sandwiches in the egg mixture for 10 seconds on each side. Cook the sandwiches until golden brown, 2 to 3 minutes per side.
  5. Garnish with fresh strawberries, sliced almonds, and a sprig of mint.  Serve with maple syrup or confectioners’ sugar.

Happy cooking! For more date-friendly recipes, be sure to follow The Date Dish on Twitter and Instagram at @thedatedish.

The ThursDater: Make out for ‘Merica

Happy Fourth of July! Since we’ll be out celebrating America’s birthday tomorrow, we thought we’d send out the ThursDater a day early this week. Plus, you’ll need this ThursDater to study up for tomorrow– it’s a guide for all your potential makeout opportunities on July 4th.

The Fourth of July is our favorite holiday. Sure, it’s kind of about our forefathers establishing the freedom-mongering country we all enjoy, but momentarily, let’s put aside life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There’s another important trio that’s really madeJuly 4th into what it is today: getting a day off work, partying like your brain is on vacation, and blowing shit up.

Add a little hot, steamy July weather to that slew of terrific things, and you’ve got perfect conditions to indulge in a night of summer debauchery that would make your college-self proud. And nothing screams/slurs college-self like an impromptu makeout; preferably in public.

In case you’re out of practice, we’ve brainstormed some opportunities you may encounter that are absolutely primo for July 4th makeouts, even if you might not think so at first glance. So heed our very professional guidance, should you find yourself in any of these circumstances with someone you want to kiss.

At your parents’ beach house. Sure, your childhood seashell collection has been scattered all over the floor, thanks to a “wizard’s staff” made of taped-together Coors Light cans. But, that’s an expected casualty when your parents give you the place for the weekend. Deal with cleanup tomorrow morning. This is the perfect opportunity to escape your belligerent friends for a hot second, and offer your crush a private, personally escorted tour of “Ocean Fantasea.” The key opener for a makeout here is to say something architecturally relevant AND romantic, like, “We just added a storm-resistant formal balcony in 2006… but mostly because I really like have time alone with the sea…” and dreamily stare out at the horizon. Then, switch on some sudden, penetrating eye contact– all systems go. Engage makeout.

While comparing patriotic ensembles. Walk into the party. A sea of girls in white sundresses and guys in red polos. You: a cowboy hat made of PBR boxes, and a NASCAR t-shirt that says “Loud ‘N Proud” with a screaming eagle swooping across it. You’re suddenly unsure of your outfit, but then you see them: acid-wash jorts and a huge American flag worn as a cape, holding a mass of blue cotton candy they’re eating nonchalantly (straight to the face). Go to them, my child. Kiss and enjoy Budweiser beer.

The eating contest at a BBQ/Picnic. Did you know watermelon is an aphrodisiac? Well that’s ‘cause it isn’t… unless you’ve just challenged your crush to a melon scarf-down and they totally destroyed you, leaving both of you with the feisty high that only competitive binge eating can bring on. When the two of you go to clean up, gently brush away the pink chunks still lingering in their hair, congratulate them on their win, and make those come-hither eyes you’ve been practicing in your mirror before bed every night. The smooching conditions are perfect, now just try to ignore the part where you recently consumed your weight in fruit and might throw up.

After your sparkler performance. You thought that an impromptu Michael-Flatley-meets-fire performance would impress. And for good reason– who could resist you whipping that fire-stick around like a rhythmic gymnast going for the gold? Sure, at some point during this Jim Beam-induced sparkler showcase, you totally lost control, and badly scorched the mate of your dreams on the shoulder. But fortunately, here on earth there’s a liiiittle bit of love magic known as the Florence Nightingale Effect. As you affectionately apply Neosporin and a crazily unnecessary number of band-aids to their charred skin, the romance will be undeniable. You mended their hurt: guaranteed canoodling. Just try and avoid the lesion.

While watching fireworks. One weekend back in May, you and your friend found a roadside stand in North Carolina whose only products were fireworks, and some sort of alcohol/helicopter fuel that was packaged in an old coffee can and sealed with duct tape. But a 2-for-1 special on fireworks is not to be ignored, so naturally you both started stockpiling like your lives depended on it. Fast-forward to this year’s July 4th party, in the backyard of said friend’s apartment complex… watching them dangle a lit match over the entire haul. As soon as you spot the glimmer of fear in your special someone’s eye, gently seize their hand and ask if they’d like to go somewhere “a little quieter, away from the noise.” Then go there. Quickly. Feelings of relief and physical safety will quickly escalate into other feelings, and then… make out.

We know these kind of “fairy-tale” romantic situations are rare, so don’t beat yourself up if they don’t happen exactly like this. In fact, a much better (and generally safer) solution is to ask one of your Hinge matches to meet up for some patriotic festivities. Maybe hit a nice rooftop somewhere, eat firecracker popsicles and be merry. While not as exciting as a fruit binge or fire-dancer routine, a kiss is still probably in the cards. After all, this is America.

And, we can’t forget to mention– in order to help you out even more, we’ve just released a brand new feature that will help you get plans with your matches in motion faster! Hinge now lets you message your matches right from the app, making communication a much smoother and easier process. So make sure you download the update and go message those matches. Makeouts are waiting!

The ThursDater: Who’s your Hinge?

You may have heard that Hinge recently launched in NYC. Greetings, New Yorkers! We’re pumped to have you with us. Today’s ThursDater will provide some Hinge 101 for all you Hinge rookies.

Remember back in college when your massive (and drunkenly-friended) collection of Facebook friends belonged to coeds, and coeds alone? Because we do, and it was awesome. But then The Zuck decided to let in high schoolers, and then anyone… even our parents. OUR PARENTS! Some of us rebelled, refusing to partake in this non-exclusive nonsense. But after awhile, we maturely acknowledged that we lived in a new type of Facebook world, and it was time to accept it. In other words, we gave up our protests so we could get tagged in our friends’ photos.
Sure, this new Facebook featured tween oversharing and old people writing on restaurants’ Facebook pages. But we also started preening our junked-up friend lists. We “liked” things now. Facebook began to connect with more integral aspects of our social lives. And with this, a bright new opportunity arose– using Facebook to meet great new people, through the friends you already had in your network, and go on awesome dates with them.
Thus, Hinge was born.
We know how carefully you consider your potentials when you play Hinge. After all, these are your future dates we’re talking about. But you also need to notice who you’re matching through. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s good to be conscious of possible trainwrecks BEFORE they happen, instead of trying to dodge the shrapnel as it’s flying into your face.
As your Hinge advisors, we know that sometimes your connections may require a second thought before you tap that star. Here’s a brief guide to help enhance your Hinge matching, with examples for flavor:
A family member. Your cool older cousin who took a sailing trip around the world last year? Yes! Favorite away. They probably met some hot oceanographers, or secret royalty from an Aegean island. But let’s say it’s your super weird Aunt Sylvia, who still collects Precious Moments figurines and named all 12 of her cats after the seven dwarves (there were repeats). Maybe consider passing.
Work acquaintance. Your office best friend? Sure. The intern? They’re leaving at the end of the summer anyway, so go nuts. But what about that guy Carl from accounts that smells like formaldehyde and always gets caught “accidentally” going into the ladies’ restroom? He friended you after an all-hands meeting a few months ago, remember that? Forget to notice his name as the mutual friend, and next thing you know, he’s formaldehyde-ing up the ladies’ restroom at your wedding.
Person you drunk Facebook friended (as an adult). We’ve all been there at some point– this time you were probably having a rockin’ good time at the Kenny Chesney concert, and had one of those spontaneous best friend moments with a stranger. Youdon’t remember, they were bumming most of your Miller Lite during the tailgate, and ripping Marlboro Menthols in and around your face. But you just couldn’t believe how much you had in common– YOU BOTH USE INSTAGRAM! But just because you’re both part of the No-Shoes Nation and love Earlybird, doesn’t mean you have any idea what this person is truly capable of. They already jacked your beer… for all you know, they could be at the heart of a prescription drug ring, peddling bulk amounts of generic Xanax they just hauled up from Mexico. And they’re probably using you as a sad, beer-generous drug mule, so look at you now. Check your pockets thoroughly.
An ex. Obviously this totally depends on how long ago you broke up, and how it went. As a general rule of thumb, 3 years ago is okay. 3 days ago… probably not. Additionally, if post-breakup they’ve ever slashed your tires with a machete, set an armchair on fire in your living room, thrown a bottle of Jim Beam through the windshield of your parents’ car, and/or tattooed your likeness onto themselves, that’s a sure pass. Also restraining order and maybe change your name.
All in all, you really need to de-friend these people. But we know it’s hard, because what if you accidentally run into them and they’re all like “we should catch up!” and then they notice you aren’t Facebook friends anymore? Say no more, we understand the “maintenance friendship.”

Our advice here is to just stay sharp when you’re Hinge-ing. Notice last names, always double check your connections, and make those Favorites count!

Now get back out there.

The ThursDater: omg. bbq.

All glory to the charcoal gods! It’s almost BBQ season, and Memorial Day is cookout Christmas. Guys who can barely prepare a turkey sandwich during the colder months quickly morph into Bobby Flay protégés, and every girl is suddenly elbowing to be named queen of quirky summer salads. For which, by the way, we have a creative limit — kale, watermelon and boiled peanuts are never going to happen, regardless of what you saw on Pinterest. Let it go.

But otherwise, Memorial Day weekend really is the best. The weather is warm, backyard cookouts are awesome, and the air is ripe with the potential for courtship. So while visions of scarfing BBQ and slamming back Sam Summer with a new companion fill your head, allow us to fill your social calendar!

Hinge is throwing the inaugural Memorial Day BBQ Extravaganza that will shame all other Memorial Day parties, and you need to be there. This is some primo fun we’re talking about. We mean business when we throw down (ahem, our launch party), so follow our advice and you will experience the stuff that BBQ dreams are made of.

First step? Look sharp– your ensemble could be the perfect conversation starter. Gents, we expect you to don your patriotic best. May we suggest that little sleeveless number you bought last year, but never wore? You know the one– it’s probably got an eagle on it. With fireworks for eyes. And also it’s clutching a stuffed-crust pizza and a Bud Heavy tall boy as it soars over a Bass Pro Shop, where only Ford F150s are parked in the parking lot. Just something that gently illustrates the true vision of our founding fathers.

Ladies, the look is simple: barbe-cute. (Ya like that?) We know you’re fully capable of putting together a great outfit, so let your hunger for fashion take the reins. Also your actual hunger. Perhaps a simple sundress with a classic “rack-of-ribs” print. Or if you’re more into accessories, any of these beautiful baubles should do nicely:

Games? Got ’em. Challenge a cute fellow guest to a round of cornhole. A scientist told us that a little competition is highly conducive to romantic chemistry, so you should listen to him and get out there. Plus, we’ll be astroturfing the entire rooftop of Jack Rose (seriously), so you’ll have a plush carpet of plastic grass beneath you as the sparks (and beanbags) begin to fly.

And FYI, that same scientist also told us that astroturf can enhance tossing form, thereby increasing your wins tenfold. And everyone loves a winner. Everyone.

We’ve got more than a week until the festivities, but we’re already experiencing early symptoms of being super stoked. We can already smell the tangy sweetness of the sauced-up brisket sliders we’ll be serving (among other ridiculously tasty things). We can already hear the soft, drunken chants of “U-S-A!” rising into the sunset over Adam’s Morgan. And most importantly, we’re already getting chills from the sparkling chemistry of all the Hinge matches meeting in person for the first time.

So if only the most insanely delightful of celebrations will suit you, get your ticket now, before they sell out! Start your party-prep according to our high-class advice. Play Hinge before the party so you can see who else is going, and maybe even end up as one of those matches with the sparkling chemistry we just mentioned.

In the words of the late, great Miley Cyrus, let’s party in the USA. See you on the roof!

The ThursDater: Math.

You’ve probably heard us mention a couple (million) times that the more friends you have on Hinge, the better your potentials and the more plentiful your matches. And yesterday we released an update with a brand-new feature that will bestow glory upon you for getting friends to join. But you know what? Talk is cheap, and you deserve far classier proof.

So speaking of a proof, nothing confirms you know what you’re talking about better than some sound math. (Amirite nerds?) Check it:

1 friend on Hinge = 3x more matches than 0 friends.
4 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 1 friend.
12 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 4 friends.

Our Hingeoreum Theorum proves that the more friends you have on Hinge, the more potential matches you’ll get. But you don’t have to take our nerds’ words for it. We’ll put it into a real-life analogy, which is basically our sexy version of a word problem… where we also give you the answer. It’s kind of like having the Teacher’s Edition to Hinge. We’ll call it “party math.”

Let’s say you roll solo to a cocktail party where you don’t know anyone. Some people are naturally bold and mingly in these situations, but a solid number of us would appreciate a couple G&T’s to the face before approaching a cute stranger alone. And others of us you could find spooning the hors d’oeuvres table, quietly slipping into food comas as an empty tray of pigs-in-a-blanket clatters to the floor. But whatever, we digress.

Back to the party. Now, imagine you arrive and a friend is there who knows a few of the guests. Instant introduction, instant background check on new acquaintances, and instant convo starter. Now try walking in and getting four high-fives from people you know. Yep, all their friends now want high-fives from you too. Twelve familiar faces? Suddenly you’re a bonafide socialite; the “it” guest at the party. You’ll be leaving this shindig with your phone a-brimming with the digits of cool new friends of friends, and your schedule chock full ‘o great dates.

The more friends you have at a party (and on Hinge), the more people are able to connect you to great people they know. More options, more introductions, more potential dates.

So now that we’ve used the power of party math to illustrate how essential your friends are to your Hinge success, we’d like to remind you of the great news we mentioned earlier: we have an awesome app update (2.1) ready to download. So get yourself that update right quick, and start recruiting your party crew!

The ThursDater: The Pitfalls of Modern Dating

You’re well-aware of the traditional ways to avoid a dating faux pas: Ask questions about them. Don’t order lobsters. Don’t sleep together five minutes after meeting. Seems easy enough. Is that why you’re triumphing all these dates, and yet are somehow still single? Nope. Something else is amiss. This may sound crazy, but it’s true: tiny robots are interfering with potentially significant moments in your romantic life. You have so many options for connecting to someone, it’s actually become more difficult to connect with someone. Allow Hinge to help you navigate these modern dating pitfalls.
Generally, it’s perfectly normal to do a little Googling and Facebook investigating before a date; you need to get an idea of their background and confirm they aren’t a serial killer. But this is one of the most slippery slopes known to man. You know how it goes: you’re casually browsing pictures of them, seeing where they went to college, and then before you know it? You’re perusing a photo album of their parents’ second honeymoon and scrolling through their sister’s bridal registry.
If you find yourself here, you’re in dangerous territory– there is a very good chance you may accidentally reveal information on your date that you absolutely, 100% should not know. There is a word we’ve conceived for this: stalkward. Do. not.

If that’s not bad enough, what about the follow-up after the date? If it goes well, you’ll probably start texting. Texting is not ideal for personal interaction, but it’s the accepted way to stay in touch. But let’s say you indulge in a few too many drinks some evening, and feel like saying hi– what’s to stop your innocent texting from morphing into just an enormous blurb of weird Emojis? Or sending a bunch of 3-second Snapchats of yourself trying to eat a piece of pizza in one bite? (Note: this could be cool, or a huge mistake. Major toss-up.) Either way, when it gets down to it, it’s just another distraction keeping you from getting to really know the person.

So stop secretly admiring the picture of the goat cheese omelette they had for breakfast on Instagram, and respond right away to your Hinge match emails to plan something. Stop being stalkward, and go out together.
Go out and have a beer. Go out and eat DC’s greatest gourmet cheeseburger (it’s Palena, if you’re curious). Go out ANYWHERE and have a conversation. You never know what you could end up bonding over. Maybe it’s yellow labs. Or your shared dislike of Lena Dunham’s excessive nudity.

In any case, we think you and your match should go from your phones to your first date as easily and quickly as possible. It’s time to connect with someone.

The ThursDater: Awkward.

Here at Hinge, we’ve recently come up with an important theory. There seems to be a new fear arising among some young adults, alongside really scary things like death and spiders, that is actually far less threatening: awkwardness.

This fear of awkwardness is becoming a major concern, and the people who suffer seem to be downright plagued by it. MTV named one of their garbage TV shows after it. Tweens, teens and even some early-stage adults blog about it constantly. But realistically, it’s the term most misused to describe moments better categorized as “unexpected,” “drunk,” or “I’m so addicted to texting that face-to-face conversations are weird now.” But we’ll get to that later.


Our surveys report that a majority of you are dominating your Hinge experience. You’re responding to your match emails, going on great dates, and straight killin’ it. And for those of you haven’t gotten matches yet, we’re tweaking our algorithms to ensure you’re getting matched faster and more often. So don’t worry your pretty little heads– you’ll be killin’ it in no time too. But this particular ThursDater is meant to offer helpful insight (as well as entertainment) to the silent minority of Hinge users– those who are on the shy side, or just claim their match emails are “awkward.”

 Listen up, people: the fact that you “liked” your sorority, Game of Thrones, or Odwalla on Facebook is not awkward; it’s just social media. No shame! We’re all part of the Facebook nation together. Plus, that juice is crazy delicious, and excuse me, Winter is coming. These are important matters.

Now, why don’t we talk about some things that are, in fact, actually awkward?

-When you’re walking down the sidewalk and you acknowledge the person coming the opposite way too early in the walk-by. So both of you start rummaging in your purse/pockets, pretending to text, or looking straight into the sun to willingly burning your corneas out– just to occupy that silent passing time.


-When your roommate and their significant other think you’re sleeping, but you can hear EV. RY. THING. And you can’t unhear things. You just can’t.

-When you’re trying too hard to be funny and respond to someone’s question with, “no… but your mom does.” And then you find out the person’s mom died a few months ago, and you wish for a tornado to come sweep you away.


-Buying condoms and running into literally anyone you know.


-When you’re riding a packed bus with your overnight bag in tow and the bus turns so suddenly that a pair of your underpants catapults out of your bag, onto the the bus floor for everyone to see. And then you lunge for the underpants, miss and claw the air a couple of times, and then finally grab them and stuff them back into your bag. I think we can all agree that would HYPOTHETICALLY be so awkward we’d never take that particular route 29 bus again.

Now that we’ve established the real meaning of awkward, we think it’s pretty clear that responding to your match emails is definitely not awkward. In fact, it’s awesome. Making the first move might seem intimidating, but we’d like to remind you that matches mean you’re BOTH interested in each other! So be bold. Say hi. Exchange numbers. Go out together and talk about those “weird” Facebook likes. Who knows? You might share a strong penchant for Chipotle, but you won’t know until you get things started.


Furthermore, it should be noted that while technology and gadgets are awesome (trust us, we love them too), we are humans; apps and the internet can’t actually date people for us. But there’s one app that can (and will) do a bunch of wonderful things to enhance your human dating life: Hinge. We’ll eliminate that intimidating part in the beginning. We’ll help you easily find awesome dates who already know your friends. We’ll even throw some raging parties where you can plan to meet up with them!

Hinge is a return to real dating, with real connections. And all you have to do is ‘Reply All’ to your match emails to get this realness started. Now go out there and live a little. We know you’ve got it in ya.



ThursDater: The cure for Spring Fever

It’s officially spring, but this relentless winter weather keeps coming back and sneak-attack blasting you like Groupon emails. If you’re like us, you’re totally over it. You’ve been hibernating like a majestic Kodiak bear, just waiting to emerge from your unshaven seasonal slump to discover the exciting new crop of super cute salmon leaping in swarms from the mighty rivers.

But in just a matter of weeks, finer weather will emerge, and along with it, an infectious desire to seek courtship with all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in town. You may not be prepared, but know this: a potent epidemic of Spring Fever is well on its way.

tumblr_meh56v3srz1rxis0kEarly-stage symptoms of Spring Fever may sometimes go unnoticed. Are Kay Jewelers’ commercials for trailer park diamonds suddenly giving you butterflies? Find yourself flirting so desperately with the waitress at dinner she starts sending a coworker to refill your water glass? Been reminiscing all your exes, and pining for even the most royally F-tastic train wrecks of relationships past? Sure, they may have cheated on you with your roommate and destroyed your living situation. Or charged thousands of dollars to your credit card on Brazzers and called your mom a bitch one time, but they smelled pretty good and were excellent snugglers. And you miss that.

Listen, we understand your raging, warm-weather lusting, but get it together. You may feel like a hormonal teenage lunatic, but we’ll leave the high school-esque dealings to Tinder. Do you really want to re-live the most awkward, confusing days of your life? You’re a full-grown adult and need to harness your “liveliness” into something more proactive, so settle yourself down with a nice dose of Hinge.

You can think of us as your new “love wealth” advisors; this is the perfect opportunity to start investing. And we’ve got street cred when it comes to this kind of thing. Did you check out our peek into the hottest workforces in DC? We know what we’re doing. Roll with us and you’ll become the Warren Buffett of dating, growing your romance capital like a boss– not flashing it around like some hobo who discovers a bag of money, and immediately spends it all on a chocolate mansion and a solid gold toilet seat.

First things first: leave all your past where it is and start fresh. This is the season of new beginnings, and you have a batch of new potentials at your fingertips every single day at noon! No more running back to exes or old hookups. You’re preparing a gourmet meal here– a sophisticated spread of better dates. It requires strategic preparation and good taste, so stop grazing on tired leftovers.

Now don’t forget your friends! Invite them to Hinge. The more friends you invite, the more potential dates you get, and you’re also helping your best single peeps cure their own Spring Fever. It’s win/win, they’re gonna love you for it, and you can consider yourself a philanthropist for the perpetually lonely. Bravo to your kind heart, social awareness, and enduring sense of community contribution.


In closing, we’d like to remind you that you’re the bomb. Although this tail end of winter feels bleak, it’s about to get warm outside, you’re about to start having way more awesome friend-of-friend dates than you ever thought possible, and people are about to start regularly day-drinking on patios. Really, is there anything more delightful in life?

So now, go forth. Let the fire inside your invigorated heart melt away those lingering chills, and start Spring like the fun, fierce party it should be. Get it.

The ThursDater: Profile Pic 101

Ah, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s thieved brainchild. The portal to your entire friend database, as well as a sad collection of people from high school you’ve totally forgotten about, and older relatives who write their names after everything they post. It’s turned you into the ultimate oversharer, and forced you to use “like” as a noun.ZuckerbergBut one part of Facebook has always reigned supreme: the pics! Once upon a time, we only had one profile picture to define us among a sea of other co-eds. This was your characteristic shot. It could invite anything from simple wall post flattery, to a weird poke from a stranger. And if you were lucky, sometimes even a private message from your crush, with a request for a future hangout (something really romantic, like “we should chill sometime.”)


 Even in the current age of timeline cover photos and Instagram madness, the main profile picture still counts. It’s the photo you have personally chosen to represent yourself, and basically carries your entire essence in one sweet snap. NBD.

But even more importantly, it happens to be the picture that your potential matches will see first when they are rating you on Hinge! So, because we want you matched with the best of the best in friends of friends, we compiled a list of must-avoid profile pictures. Image

Amateur modeling shots. Surely the scout from JCPenney poring over random Facebook pictures will be impressed. Friends of friends, on the other hand, think you’re trying too hard. And are you… possibly in someone’s guest bedroom? Yikes.

The fake gangster pose. Real thugs don’t pose for pictures with upside-down peace signs and a pouty face. They’re busy ghostin’ muthaf*ckas. You might be next on their list, actually. And you certainly won’t be on anyone’s Favorites list.

Being completely wasted. We get it. You were #1 chugging champion in college. Congrats. But it’s doubtful your potential matches are searching for a special someone who will black out and climb on top of the bar pouring Bud heavy all over their shirt, screaming “I’m the King of Beers!” on the first date. But hey, never say never?


The mirror pic. Do you not have any other pictures of yourself? Do you not have any friends who could take one of you? Why do you want everyone to associate you with toilets? The questions are endless, and it’s likely the people rating you don’t want answers to any of them.

Full bridal parties. So, uh, there sure are a lot of people in this picture… is that you, in the strapless bridesmaid dress? Or are you in the bridal gown? Or perhaps the catering uniform, holding a platter of mini crab cakes? It’s pretty hard to tell. But then again, crab cakes are deeply loved in this region, so maybe you’ll get a few high ratings based purely on the featured hors d’oeuvres.


The selfie in the driver seat of a car. What exactly are you trying to convey here? Besides that you’re bored, conceited and a tremendously irresponsible driver. Someone is definitely honking at you at a red light/ramming into your car as we write this. Forget asking mutual friends for this one– your auto insurance rates alone are presumably terrifying, and no one wants you bringing that evil on them.


Children that aren’t yours. While YOU know you’re the most awesomely cool aunt/uncle in all the land, your friends’ friends don’t know you yet, and probably just assume you have a whole litter of children already. #baggage

Your outrageous gun collection. We know that anyone with the need to aggressively showcase such a robust artillery must be the poster child for emotional stability, right? And how exactly do you know Jamie…? Actually, we’re gonna stop talking. You can probably see the fear in our eyes from wherever you’re hobby sniping.


So, there’s your photo education, Hingers. You’re welcome for the tips. Now try and choose a weapon-free, somewhat recent picture of yourself where we can actually see your face, and go get those Hinge matches! Your inbox should be filling up with potential dates in no time.