The ThursDater: Who’s your Hinge?

You may have heard that Hinge recently launched in NYC. Greetings, New Yorkers! We’re pumped to have you with us. Today’s ThursDater will provide some Hinge 101 for all you Hinge rookies.

Remember back in college when your massive (and drunkenly-friended) collection of Facebook friends belonged to coeds, and coeds alone? Because we do, and it was awesome. But then The Zuck decided to let in high schoolers, and then anyone… even our parents. OUR PARENTS! Some of us rebelled, refusing to partake in this non-exclusive nonsense. But after awhile, we maturely acknowledged that we lived in a new type of Facebook world, and it was time to accept it. In other words, we gave up our protests so we could get tagged in our friends’ photos.
Sure, this new Facebook featured tween oversharing and old people writing on restaurants’ Facebook pages. But we also started preening our junked-up friend lists. We “liked” things now. Facebook began to connect with more integral aspects of our social lives. And with this, a bright new opportunity arose– using Facebook to meet great new people, through the friends you already had in your network, and go on awesome dates with them.
Thus, Hinge was born.
We know how carefully you consider your potentials when you play Hinge. After all, these are your future dates we’re talking about. But you also need to notice who you’re matching through. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s good to be conscious of possible trainwrecks BEFORE they happen, instead of trying to dodge the shrapnel as it’s flying into your face.
As your Hinge advisors, we know that sometimes your connections may require a second thought before you tap that star. Here’s a brief guide to help enhance your Hinge matching, with examples for flavor:
A family member. Your cool older cousin who took a sailing trip around the world last year? Yes! Favorite away. They probably met some hot oceanographers, or secret royalty from an Aegean island. But let’s say it’s your super weird Aunt Sylvia, who still collects Precious Moments figurines and named all 12 of her cats after the seven dwarves (there were repeats). Maybe consider passing.
Work acquaintance. Your office best friend? Sure. The intern? They’re leaving at the end of the summer anyway, so go nuts. But what about that guy Carl from accounts that smells like formaldehyde and always gets caught “accidentally” going into the ladies’ restroom? He friended you after an all-hands meeting a few months ago, remember that? Forget to notice his name as the mutual friend, and next thing you know, he’s formaldehyde-ing up the ladies’ restroom at your wedding.
Person you drunk Facebook friended (as an adult). We’ve all been there at some point– this time you were probably having a rockin’ good time at the Kenny Chesney concert, and had one of those spontaneous best friend moments with a stranger. Youdon’t remember, they were bumming most of your Miller Lite during the tailgate, and ripping Marlboro Menthols in and around your face. But you just couldn’t believe how much you had in common– YOU BOTH USE INSTAGRAM! But just because you’re both part of the No-Shoes Nation and love Earlybird, doesn’t mean you have any idea what this person is truly capable of. They already jacked your beer… for all you know, they could be at the heart of a prescription drug ring, peddling bulk amounts of generic Xanax they just hauled up from Mexico. And they’re probably using you as a sad, beer-generous drug mule, so look at you now. Check your pockets thoroughly.
An ex. Obviously this totally depends on how long ago you broke up, and how it went. As a general rule of thumb, 3 years ago is okay. 3 days ago… probably not. Additionally, if post-breakup they’ve ever slashed your tires with a machete, set an armchair on fire in your living room, thrown a bottle of Jim Beam through the windshield of your parents’ car, and/or tattooed your likeness onto themselves, that’s a sure pass. Also restraining order and maybe change your name.
All in all, you really need to de-friend these people. But we know it’s hard, because what if you accidentally run into them and they’re all like “we should catch up!” and then they notice you aren’t Facebook friends anymore? Say no more, we understand the “maintenance friendship.”

Our advice here is to just stay sharp when you’re Hinge-ing. Notice last names, always double check your connections, and make those Favorites count!

Now get back out there.

The ThursDater: Math.

You’ve probably heard us mention a couple (million) times that the more friends you have on Hinge, the better your potentials and the more plentiful your matches. And yesterday we released an update with a brand-new feature that will bestow glory upon you for getting friends to join. But you know what? Talk is cheap, and you deserve far classier proof.

So speaking of a proof, nothing confirms you know what you’re talking about better than some sound math. (Amirite nerds?) Check it:

1 friend on Hinge = 3x more matches than 0 friends.
4 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 1 friend.
12 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 4 friends.

Our Hingeoreum Theorum proves that the more friends you have on Hinge, the more potential matches you’ll get. But you don’t have to take our nerds’ words for it. We’ll put it into a real-life analogy, which is basically our sexy version of a word problem… where we also give you the answer. It’s kind of like having the Teacher’s Edition to Hinge. We’ll call it “party math.”

Let’s say you roll solo to a cocktail party where you don’t know anyone. Some people are naturally bold and mingly in these situations, but a solid number of us would appreciate a couple G&T’s to the face before approaching a cute stranger alone. And others of us you could find spooning the hors d’oeuvres table, quietly slipping into food comas as an empty tray of pigs-in-a-blanket clatters to the floor. But whatever, we digress.

Back to the party. Now, imagine you arrive and a friend is there who knows a few of the guests. Instant introduction, instant background check on new acquaintances, and instant convo starter. Now try walking in and getting four high-fives from people you know. Yep, all their friends now want high-fives from you too. Twelve familiar faces? Suddenly you’re a bonafide socialite; the “it” guest at the party. You’ll be leaving this shindig with your phone a-brimming with the digits of cool new friends of friends, and your schedule chock full ‘o great dates.

The more friends you have at a party (and on Hinge), the more people are able to connect you to great people they know. More options, more introductions, more potential dates.

So now that we’ve used the power of party math to illustrate how essential your friends are to your Hinge success, we’d like to remind you of the great news we mentioned earlier: we have an awesome app update (2.1) ready to download. So get yourself that update right quick, and start recruiting your party crew!

ThursDater: The cure for Spring Fever

It’s officially spring, but this relentless winter weather keeps coming back and sneak-attack blasting you like Groupon emails. If you’re like us, you’re totally over it. You’ve been hibernating like a majestic Kodiak bear, just waiting to emerge from your unshaven seasonal slump to discover the exciting new crop of super cute salmon leaping in swarms from the mighty rivers.

But in just a matter of weeks, finer weather will emerge, and along with it, an infectious desire to seek courtship with all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in town. You may not be prepared, but know this: a potent epidemic of Spring Fever is well on its way.

tumblr_meh56v3srz1rxis0kEarly-stage symptoms of Spring Fever may sometimes go unnoticed. Are Kay Jewelers’ commercials for trailer park diamonds suddenly giving you butterflies? Find yourself flirting so desperately with the waitress at dinner she starts sending a coworker to refill your water glass? Been reminiscing all your exes, and pining for even the most royally F-tastic train wrecks of relationships past? Sure, they may have cheated on you with your roommate and destroyed your living situation. Or charged thousands of dollars to your credit card on Brazzers and called your mom a bitch one time, but they smelled pretty good and were excellent snugglers. And you miss that.

Listen, we understand your raging, warm-weather lusting, but get it together. You may feel like a hormonal teenage lunatic, but we’ll leave the high school-esque dealings to Tinder. Do you really want to re-live the most awkward, confusing days of your life? You’re a full-grown adult and need to harness your “liveliness” into something more proactive, so settle yourself down with a nice dose of Hinge.

You can think of us as your new “love wealth” advisors; this is the perfect opportunity to start investing. And we’ve got street cred when it comes to this kind of thing. Did you check out our peek into the hottest workforces in DC? We know what we’re doing. Roll with us and you’ll become the Warren Buffett of dating, growing your romance capital like a boss– not flashing it around like some hobo who discovers a bag of money, and immediately spends it all on a chocolate mansion and a solid gold toilet seat.

First things first: leave all your past where it is and start fresh. This is the season of new beginnings, and you have a batch of new potentials at your fingertips every single day at noon! No more running back to exes or old hookups. You’re preparing a gourmet meal here– a sophisticated spread of better dates. It requires strategic preparation and good taste, so stop grazing on tired leftovers.

Now don’t forget your friends! Invite them to Hinge. The more friends you invite, the more potential dates you get, and you’re also helping your best single peeps cure their own Spring Fever. It’s win/win, they’re gonna love you for it, and you can consider yourself a philanthropist for the perpetually lonely. Bravo to your kind heart, social awareness, and enduring sense of community contribution.


In closing, we’d like to remind you that you’re the bomb. Although this tail end of winter feels bleak, it’s about to get warm outside, you’re about to start having way more awesome friend-of-friend dates than you ever thought possible, and people are about to start regularly day-drinking on patios. Really, is there anything more delightful in life?

So now, go forth. Let the fire inside your invigorated heart melt away those lingering chills, and start Spring like the fun, fierce party it should be. Get it.