The ThursDater: The Pitfalls of Modern Dating

You’re well-aware of the traditional ways to avoid a dating faux pas: Ask questions about them. Don’t order lobsters. Don’t sleep together five minutes after meeting. Seems easy enough. Is that why you’re triumphing all these dates, and yet are somehow still single? Nope. Something else is amiss. This may sound crazy, but it’s true: tiny robots are interfering with potentially significant moments in your romantic life. You have so many options for connecting to someone, it’s actually become more difficult to connect with someone. Allow Hinge to help you navigate these modern dating pitfalls.
Generally, it’s perfectly normal to do a little Googling and Facebook investigating before a date; you need to get an idea of their background and confirm they aren’t a serial killer. But this is one of the most slippery slopes known to man. You know how it goes: you’re casually browsing pictures of them, seeing where they went to college, and then before you know it? You’re perusing a photo album of their parents’ second honeymoon and scrolling through their sister’s bridal registry.
If you find yourself here, you’re in dangerous territory– there is a very good chance you may accidentally reveal information on your date that you absolutely, 100% should not know. There is a word we’ve conceived for this: stalkward. Do. not.

If that’s not bad enough, what about the follow-up after the date? If it goes well, you’ll probably start texting. Texting is not ideal for personal interaction, but it’s the accepted way to stay in touch. But let’s say you indulge in a few too many drinks some evening, and feel like saying hi– what’s to stop your innocent texting from morphing into just an enormous blurb of weird Emojis? Or sending a bunch of 3-second Snapchats of yourself trying to eat a piece of pizza in one bite? (Note: this could be cool, or a huge mistake. Major toss-up.) Either way, when it gets down to it, it’s just another distraction keeping you from getting to really know the person.

So stop secretly admiring the picture of the goat cheese omelette they had for breakfast on Instagram, and respond right away to your Hinge match emails to plan something. Stop being stalkward, and go out together.
Go out and have a beer. Go out and eat DC’s greatest gourmet cheeseburger (it’s Palena, if you’re curious). Go out ANYWHERE and have a conversation. You never know what you could end up bonding over. Maybe it’s yellow labs. Or your shared dislike of Lena Dunham’s excessive nudity.

In any case, we think you and your match should go from your phones to your first date as easily and quickly as possible. It’s time to connect with someone.