The ThursDater: Math.

You’ve probably heard us mention a couple (million) times that the more friends you have on Hinge, the better your potentials and the more plentiful your matches. And yesterday we released an update with a brand-new feature that will bestow glory upon you for getting friends to join. But you know what? Talk is cheap, and you deserve far classier proof.

So speaking of a proof, nothing confirms you know what you’re talking about better than some sound math. (Amirite nerds?) Check it:

1 friend on Hinge = 3x more matches than 0 friends.
4 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 1 friend.
12 friends on Hinge = 3x more matches than 4 friends.

Our Hingeoreum Theorum proves that the more friends you have on Hinge, the more potential matches you’ll get. But you don’t have to take our nerds’ words for it. We’ll put it into a real-life analogy, which is basically our sexy version of a word problem… where we also give you the answer. It’s kind of like having the Teacher’s Edition to Hinge. We’ll call it “party math.”

Let’s say you roll solo to a cocktail party where you don’t know anyone. Some people are naturally bold and mingly in these situations, but a solid number of us would appreciate a couple G&T’s to the face before approaching a cute stranger alone. And others of us you could find spooning the hors d’oeuvres table, quietly slipping into food comas as an empty tray of pigs-in-a-blanket clatters to the floor. But whatever, we digress.

Back to the party. Now, imagine you arrive and a friend is there who knows a few of the guests. Instant introduction, instant background check on new acquaintances, and instant convo starter. Now try walking in and getting four high-fives from people you know. Yep, all their friends now want high-fives from you too. Twelve familiar faces? Suddenly you’re a bonafide socialite; the “it” guest at the party. You’ll be leaving this shindig with your phone a-brimming with the digits of cool new friends of friends, and your schedule chock full ‘o great dates.

The more friends you have at a party (and on Hinge), the more people are able to connect you to great people they know. More options, more introductions, more potential dates.

So now that we’ve used the power of party math to illustrate how essential your friends are to your Hinge success, we’d like to remind you of the great news we mentioned earlier: we have an awesome app update (2.1) ready to download. So get yourself that update right quick, and start recruiting your party crew!